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The Symfony Angular MongoDB Mobile UI Project

Original project by @flyers:



This project is a template application with secured communication via a RestFul API between the client part with AngularJS and the server part with Symfony2.

In use libs and technologies

  • Symfony 2.6

  • Doctrine MongoDB Bundle (doctrine/mongodb-odm-bundle) 3.0

  • FOS Rest Bundle (friendsofsymfony/rest-bundle) 1.4

  • FOS User Bundle (friendsofsymfony/user-bundle) 1.3.5

  • Layout Mobile Angular UI -

JetBrains WebStorm

We are very happy to use WebStorm IDE.

Thanks JetBrains for giving us a license for Open Source Projects

Build Status

Automatic Installation


composer create-project renatomefidf/sammui sammui dev-master

Any tag:

composer create-project renatomefidf/sammui sammui v0.0.1

Check the composer package at:

Manual Installation

Clone the project :

git clone sammui

Update packages :

cd angular-symfony
composer.phar install


Create cache and logs folders :

mkdir app/cache
mkdir app/logs
chmod -R 777 app/cache
chmod -R 777 app/logs

Edit database credentials :

vim app/config/parameters.yml

To switch between ORM and ODM (Database and MongoDB) uncomment/comment the following lines on config.yml :

# FOS User Bundle for ORM
    db_driver: orm
    firewall_name: main
    user_class: Flyers\BackendBundle\Entity\User

# FOS User Bundle for MongoDB
    db_driver: mongodb
    firewall_name: main
    user_class: Flyers\BackendBundle\Document\User

Update schemas (FOSUserBundle) : * Not needed for MongoDB

php app/console doctrine:schema:create

Create and activate user :

php app/console fos:user:create
php app/console fos:user:activate

Link project to your webserver and access it :

ln -snf ./ /var/www/html/angular-symfony
firefox http://localhost/angular-symfony/ &

Want to run it via nginx? There is a sample virtual host on docs/nginx


If you want to use my current dev database you can get it at /docs/mongo/DATE_dump I'm using mongodump tool, so it's easy to recover!

Authentication system

The Authentication system is based on the custom Authentication Provider of the Symfony2 Cookbook :

The following chapter demonstrates how to create a custom authentication provider for WSSE authentication. The security protocol for WSSE provides several security benefits:

  • Username / Password encryption
  • Safe guarding against replay attacks
  • No web server configuration required

WSSE is very useful for the securing of web services, may they be SOAP or REST.

I used the exact same authentication system with a little change in moment of generating the digest, we use the hexadecimal value of the hashed seed in lieu of the binary value.

Client Side specifics

On the client side, I've inspired my code from Nils Blum-Oeste article explaining how to send an authorization token for every request. To do this you have to register a wrapper for every resource actions that execute a specific code before doing the action. For more information you can check

The differences there is that I send the token, username and user digest in the HTTP Header X-WSSE.


You can use this template and adapt it to your needs.


Adaptations by @renatomefidf

  • MongoDB support

  • Symfony and related dependencies/bundles update

  • Packagist project