Email address form input for Nette forms.

v1.9.0 2023-09-28 20:22 UTC


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Via Composer:

$ composer require nepada/email-address-input

Option A: install form container extension method via DI extension

    - Nepada\Bridges\EmailAddressInputDI\EmailAddressInputExtension

It will register extension method addEmailAddress($name, $label, $caseSensitive = false) to Nette\Forms\Container.

Option B: use trait in your base form/container class

You can also use EmailAddressInputMixin trait in your base form/container class to add method addEmailAddress($name, $label, $caseSensitive = false).


trait FormControls

    use Nepada\Bridges\EmailAddressInputForms\EmailAddressInputMixin;

    public function addContainer($name)
        $control = new Container;
        if ($this->currentGroup !== null) {
        return $this[$name] = $control;


class Container extends Nette\Forms\Container

    use FormControls;


class Form extends Nette\Forms\Form

    use FormControls;



EmailAddressInput is form control that uses email address value object to represent its value (see nepada/email-address for further details). It automatically validates the user input and getValue() method always returns EmailAddress instance, or null if the input is not filled.

$emailAddressInput = $form->addEmailAddress('E-mail');

// set value using EmailAddress value object

// set value using string with a valid email address (it is internally converted to EmailAddress value object)

// Get EmailAddress instance for

// InvalidEmailAddressException is thrown

Case sensitivity

By default the input returns instance of CaseInsensitiveEmailAddress, i.e. the value object that treats the whole email address as case insensitive.

You can change this behaviour by calling EmailAddressInput::setCaseSensitive(true), or by passing $caseSensitive = true when creating the input. With enabled case sensitivity the input's value will be represented as RfcEmailAddress instance.

For further details see the readme of nepada/email-address.