A set of PHP class to manage log-in and log-out of web applications and that integrates with Mouf.

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2024-07-06 18:55:24 UTC


UserService: Managing users with Mouf

This package is part of the Mouf PHP framework and contains objects and interfaces to manage users' authentication.

It allows you to manage logged users. UserService does authentication, not authorization. If you want to manage users rights, have a look at the Right Service.

Simply put, UserService:

  • manages the user's session for you
  • allows you to login / logout (login() and logoff() methods)
  • knowns if the current user is logged or not (isLogged())
  • allows you to retrieve the current logged user (getLoggedUser())

> Install UserService: [Installation](doc/