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v1.3.0 2021-12-17 13:09 UTC

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Last update: 2022-06-17 14:22:55 UTC


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Simple Symfony bundle to schedule commands. Uses symfony/lock to make sure a specific command can't run more than once at the same time. Different commands are executed in parallel.



Register new job

Simply register a new job by creating a new entry in mh1_cron_job.

INSERT INTO mh1_cron_job (id, title, description, command, enabled, schedule, execute_stalled)
VALUES ('d63a6a70-0b56-4b0d-bdfb-06e4c7e7a2eb', 'Symfony Help Command', 'display the Symfony help', 'help', 1, '*/15 * * * *', 1);
FieldName Description
id uuidv4
title Title of the command
description Optional description
command Executable Symfony command name
enabled TRUE/1 if job should be enabled for execution, otherwise FALSE/0
schedule Crontab style schedule help
execute_stalled see

Execute jobs

$ bin/console mh1:cron:run

Stalled job executions

This only works for jobs that ran at least once in the past!

The Doctrine integration also provides the possibility to execute stalled jobs.

A stalled job is a job that was supposed to be executed at a specific time but was not executed due to being temporarily disabled or bin/console mh1:cron:run was not run, but should be run once the job is enabled again.

For example, you have a job that runs every night at 1 AM, but for some reason (e.g. server maintenance) the jobs are not executed between 0:30 AM and 3 AM. If executeStalled (execute_stalled DB column) is set to true, the job will be executed after the maintenance window at 3 AM.


Step 1: Download the Bundle

$ composer require m-h-1/cron-bundle

Step 2: Enable the Bundle

// config/bundles.php

return [
    // ...
    MH1\CronBundle\MH1CronBundle::class => ['all' => true],

Step 3: Create DB Tables

Create tables for the Doctrine entities:


$ bin/console doctrine:migrations:diff
$ bin/console doctrine:migrations:migrate

raw SQL

CREATE TABLE mh1_cron_job
    id              CHAR(36)     NOT NULL PRIMARY KEY,
    title           VARCHAR(255) NOT NULL,
    description     VARCHAR(255) NULL,
    command         VARCHAR(255) NOT NULL,
    enabled         TINYINT(1)   NOT NULL,
    schedule        VARCHAR(255) NOT NULL,
    execute_stalled TINYINT(1)   NOT NULL
) COLLATE = utf8mb4_unicode_ci;

CREATE TABLE mh1_cron_job_report
    cron_job_id CHAR(36) NOT NULL,
    start_time  DATETIME NOT NULL,
    end_time    DATETIME NULL,
    exit_code   INT      NULL,
    output      LONGTEXT NULL,
    duration    INT      NULL,
    CONSTRAINT fk_a297993479099ed8 FOREIGN KEY (cron_job_id) REFERENCES mh1_cron_job (id)
) COLLATE = utf8mb4_unicode_ci;

CREATE INDEX idx_a297993479099ed8 ON mh1_cron_job_report (cron_job_id);

Step 4: Add to crontab

Add the command to crontab and replace PATH_TO_APPLICATION with the path to your Symfony project directory.

* * * * *   PATH_TO_APPLICATION/bin/console mh1:cron:run


# config/packages/mh1_cron.yaml
    service: null # override job service with a custom service
    log_service: null # override logging service
    check_interval: 1000 # milliseconds to wait between the checks if a process is running (must be greater than 1)
    execution_time_zone: null # use a custom time zone for job scheduling, the default is the PHP default timezone
    lock_prefix: '' # use a prefix for cronjob logging, the default is empty string
    php_executable_path: null # use a custom path to php executable. e.g. /usr/local/php81/bin/php

Custom job service

# config/packages/mh1_cron.yaml
    service: App\Service\CustomCronJobService

Different logging service

# config/packages/mh1_cron.yaml
    log_service: App\Service\CustomLogService

Wait half a second (instead of one second) between the checkRunning calls

# config/packages/mh1_cron.yaml
    check_interval: 500

Use a custom time zone to check for due time

Every PHP supported timezone string is valid https://www.php.net/manual/en/timezones.php

# config/packages/mh1_cron.yaml
    execution_time_zone: 'UTC'
# config/packages/mh1_cron.yaml
    execution_time_zone: 'Europe/Berlin'

Prefix lock name

The symfony lock component uses the commands name (app:run) as the name for the lock.

If you want to run the same command in different deployments or folders on the same system you have to use this parameter to prefix the name of the locks, e.g. instance1:app:run, instance2:app:run.

# config/packages/mh1_cron.yaml
    lock_prefix: 'second_instance'

Use a custom path to php executable

# config/packages/mh1_cron.yaml
    php_executable_path: '/usr/local/php81/bin/php'