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PHP Sanitizer and Validation OOP way

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The best way to use this package is through Composer:

composer require italystrap/view

Basic Usage

$finder = new \ItalyStrap\View\ViewFinder();

$finder->in( 'full/path/to/the/views/' );
$finder->in( ['full/path/to/the/views/','full/path/to/the/views/'] );

$view = new \ItalyStrap\View\View( $finder );

$view->render( 'slug', $data ); // Data could be the type of: string|int|array|object
// Or
$view->render( ['slug'], $data );
// Or
$view->render( ['slug', 'name'], $data );
// Or
$view->render( ['slug', 'name', 'subName'], $data );

For WordPress User

By default it will search in child -> parent -> theme-compat directories like the original \get_template_part() does

// It will search in the root of your theme slug-name.php -> slug.php
\ItalyStrap\View\get_template_part( 'slug', 'name', $data );

// Or

use ItalyStrap\View;

// theme_path/slug-name.php
// theme_path/slug.php
get_template_part( 'slug', 'name', $data );

// theme_path/slug-slug1-name.php
// theme_path/slug-name.php
// theme_path/slug.php
get_template_part( ['slug', 'slug1'], 'name', $data );

If you need to add more or different direcories for searchinf files you can filter theme with the 'italystrap_view_get_template_part_directories' hook.

\add_filter( 'italystrap_view_get_template_part_directories', function( array $dirs ) {
    // Add here your logic for dirs
    // For example you can add subdirs or remove dirs
    // You can add directories for languages
    // You can add directories from plugins and so on.
    // The sky is the limit.

    return $dirs;

Some example of results:

plugin_path/some_dir_path/slug-name.php plugin_path/some_dir_path/slug.php theme_path/other_dir_path/slug-slug-name.php theme_path/other_dir_path/slug-name.php theme_path/other_dir_path/slug.php


And so on.

Inside the file template

Inside the file or template part you require if you added some $data value you can use it like so:

$data = [
    'title' => 'Ciao Mondo',

// some-template-part.php
use ItalyStrap\View;
get_template_part( ['some','template'], 'part', $data );
//$view->render( ['some','template','part'], $data );

// inside some-template-part.php
echo $this->title;


echo $this->get( 'title', 'Some default title' );

Advanced Usage

See in Tests Foldes


All feedback / bug reports / pull requests are welcome.


Copyright (c) 2019 Enea Overclokk, ItalyStrap

This code is licensed under the MIT.


For the Closure in the View and for some ideas with the Symphony Finder