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Remote CodeCoverage for Codeception Build Status

This file c3.php should be included into the application you are testing in the very first line. It will start remote code coverage collection. Coverage data will be stored to disk and retrieved by codeception when tests from the suite are finished. This file won't affect your application in any way. It is executed only when a special header X-Codeception-CodeCoverage is sent. Alternatively, if you use Selenium, special cookie CODECEPTION_CODECOVERAGE is used. In any other case your application run as usually with no overheads.

Local Code Coverage

If you don't run tests on remote server but use a webserver (Apache, Nginx, PhpWebserver) you need c3.php installed just the same way. In this case coverage result will be merged with local code coverage.


File c3.php should be put in project root, into the same directory where codeception.yml config is located. Also, make sure Codeception is available on remote server either in phar/pear/composer packages.

Via Composer

Add to composer.json:

"require-dev": {
    "codeception/codeception": "3.*",
    "codeception/c3": "2.*"

C3 installer will copy c3.php to the project root.




Now you should include c3.php in your front script, like index.php.

Example file: web/index.php:


define('C3_CODECOVERAGE_ERROR_LOG_FILE', '/path/to/c3_error.log'); //Optional (if not set the default c3 output dir will be used)
include '/../c3.php';

define('MY_APP_STARTED', true);
// App::start();

Now on when is Codeception launched with code coverage enabled you will receive a coverage report from this remote server.


To enable remote (and local) codecoverage by c3.script you should edit global configuration file codeception.yml, or one of the suite configuration files.

Example: codeception.yml

  enabled: true
  remote: true
    - app/*
    - app/cache/*

The remote option specifies if you run your application actually runs on another server. If your webserver runs on the same node and uses the same codebase, disable this option.

Predefined Routes

c3 file shouldn't break your application, but there are predefined routes that will be managed by c3. Codeception will access routes in order to receive collected coverage report in different formats.

  • c3/report/clover
  • c3/report/serialized
  • c3/report/html
  • c3/report/clear


In case you got into troubles and remote debugging still doesn't start you can try the following. Edit c3.php file and remove the header check

// to remove
if (!array_key_exists('HTTP_X_CODECEPTION_CODECOVERAGE', $_SERVER)) {

then add this line to the top of file:


now access http://yourhost/c3/report/clear url and see if it has errors. Please check that error_reporting is set to E_ALL

Temp directories

In root of your project c3tmp dir will be created during code coverage. It will not be deleted after suite ends for testing and debugging purposes. Serialized data as well as xml and html code coverage reports will be stored there.