Extension to create datasets and show them as line, bar, pie or doughnut chart in frontend

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3.0.0 2023-06-21 19:39 UTC


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composer req hoogi91/charts


  • Supporting editors & authors by providing
    • records to create data for charts incl. labels, data and dataset-labels
    • fluid based content elements to display charts (bar, line, pie or doughnut) in frontend
    • (optional) fill data records for charts with informations from spreadsheets when spreadsheet extension is present in TYPO3 installation
  • Supporting administrators & developers by providing
    • select option in extension manager to manage/set the preferred chart library
    • registry to add multiple chart libraries implementing at least the Hoogi91\Charts\DataProcessing\Charts\LibraryInterface
    • DataProcessors to get chart data, assets and their settings from Flexform configuration


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