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Harmony Modern Slim Boilerplate By Betta Dev Indonesia

Built with Slim Framework - Harmony allows you to use Eloquent ORM, and Interact with your application via Harmony Tinker!

Get Started

composer create-project --prefer-dist harmony-betta/harmony project-name -vvv

Install Harmony as Globally

when you install Harmony globally then you no longer need to repeat commands create-project composer.

composer global require "harmony-betta/installer"

Make sure to place the ~/.composer/vendor/bin directory in your PATH so the Harmony executable can be located by your system.

if the installation is complete please type the command in your Terminal / Command Prompt as follows:

harmony --version

Now you can install using Harmony Installer

harmony new harmony-project

define the name of your project at the end of the command like harmony new your-project-name

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