This Bundle provides multilingual ticketing functionality for Symfony applications.


Currently v3 is a work in progress, please use v2.

Simple multilingual ticketing bundle to add to any project. Languages: English, French, Russian, German and Spanish.

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Version Matrix

Ticket Bundle Symfony PHP
3.x (master) ^2.8|^3.0 >=5.6
2.x ^2.7|^3.0 >=5.3
1.x ^2.3 >=5.3
0.x ^2.3 >=5.3


See Ticket Bundle Demo App for an example installation. This can also be used for confirming bugs.



TicketBundle show fires events for creating, updating, and deleting of tickets.

  • hackzilla.ticket.create
  • hackzilla.ticket.update
  • hackzilla.ticket.delete

See for example of how to create listener: http://symfony.com/doc/current/cookbook/service_container/event_listener.html

Add your user, ticket and ticket message entities into your config.

    user_class:             AppBundle\Entity\User
    ticket_class:           AppBundle\Entity\Ticket
    message_class:          AppBundle\Entity\Message

Your entities needs to implement:

Entity Interface
User Hackzilla\Bundle\TicketBundle\Model\UserInterface
Ticket Hackzilla\Bundle\TicketBundle\Model\MessageInterface
Message Hackzilla\Bundle\TicketBundle\Model\TicketMessageInterface

Migration from v2 to v3

Ticket and TicketMessage entities still exist and the config will default to them if not overridden.

    user_class:             AppBundle\Entity\User
    ticket_class:           Hackzilla\Bundle\TicketBundle\Entity\Ticket
    message_class:          Hackzilla\Bundle\TicketBundle\Entity\TicketMessage

Any reference to TicketMessage constants will need to use TicketMessageInterface.

Migrating from v1 to v2

Add your user class into your config.

    user_class:             AppBundle\Entity\User

Hackzilla\Bundle\TicketBundle\User\UserInterface has been replaced with Hackzilla\Bundle\TicketBundle\Manager\UserManagerInterface

Your user class needs to implement Hackzilla\Bundle\TicketBundle\Model\UserInterface

Roles are now checked against the User

Pull Requests

I'm open to pull requests for additional languages, features and/or improvements.