Exchange between currencies.

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This library is extension for Nette Framework and for this Exchange.


Simple via composer

$ composer require h4kuna/exchange-nette


First step is registration extension and set tempDir.

    exchangeExtension: h4kuna\Exchange\DI\ExchangeExtension 

Extension is ready to use other configuration are optionally. Default is defined three currencies CZK, EUR and USD. Currencies has default format by h4kuna/number-format, where is documentation.


Format options for currency read h4kuna/number-format

            czk: # upper / lower code of currency is not important
                decimals: 3
                decimalPoint: '.'
                thousandsSeparator: ','
                zeroIsEmpty: TRUE
                emptyValue: '-'
                zeroClear: TRUE
                mask: '1U'
                showUnit: FALSE 
                nbsp: TRUE
                unit: Kč
                intOnly: -1 # -1 is default value
                unit: '$'
            gbp: [] # use default format 
    session: [FALSE] # save info about currencies to session, default is only to cookie
    vat: [0] # add number like percent, example: 21
    strict: [FALSE] # default enabled, download only defined currencies, example: ['CZK', 'EUR']
    defaultFormat: [NULL] # how format currency if format is not defined, value is array like above "currencies.czk" 
    managerParameter: [currency] # is parameter for query, cookie and session if is available
    tempDir: /tmp # temporary directory for cache
    filters: # extension define two filter for latte, you can rename
        currency: currency
        vat: vat # if is set above via "vat"


Now we have two new filters.



Create url with parameter currency and change value and check cookie.