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One abstract class provide path and prepare filesystem.

Install by composer

composer require h4kuna/dir

How to use

Your path is represented by your class. In this repository is prepared class TempDir. By same way create own class.

These dirs are exist:

  • temp dir /documet/root/temp
  • log dir /documet/root/log
  • storage dir /documet/root/data


Create StorageDir.

class StorageDir extends \h4kuna\Dir\Dir 


Start to use.

$storageDir = new StorageDir('/documet/root/data'); // dir in constructor does not check
$storageDir->create(); // if dir from constructor does not exist, let's check and create
$subDir = $storageDir->dir('foo/bar');
$filepath = $subDir->filename('lucky', 'jpg');
$filepath2 = $storageDir->filename('baz/foo/happy.jpg');

echo $filepath; // /documet/root/data/foo/bar/lucky.jpg
echo $filepath2; // /documet/root/data/baz/foo/happy.jpg

On file system exists path /documet/root/data/foo/bar and /documet/root/data/baz/foo.

Your storage dir is represented by class StorageDir and you can use it by dependency injection.

class MyClass {

    public function __construct(private StorageDir $storageDir) {

Check dir

If directory does not exist, the method create throw IOException. If directory exists, but is not writeable, the method checkWriteable throw DirIsNotWriteableException extends from IOException.

use h4kuna\Dir;
try {
    $fileInfo = (new Dir\Dir('/any/path'))
} catch (Dir\Exceptions\IOException $e) {
    // dir is not writable

var_dump($fileInfo->getPathname()); // /any/path/foo.txt

Incorrect use

In constructor use only absolute path without last slash like in example.

This is incorrect

  • new StorageDir('/documet/root/data/')
  • new StorageDir('documet/root/data/')
  • new StorageDir('documet/root/data')

Correct is only new StorageDir('/documet/root/data').

In methods dir() and filename() don't use slashes on the begin and end path.

This is incorrect

  • $storageDir->dir('/foo/')
  • $storageDir->dir('/foo')
  • $storageDir->dir('foo/')

Correct is only $storageDir->dir('foo') or sub dir $storageDir->dir('foo/bar').