Fusio implementation

v7.2.2 2023-09-24 01:00 UTC

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Fusio is an open source API management platform which helps to create innovative API solutions. This repository contains the Fusio backend code. More information about Fusio at https://www.fusio-project.org/


This overview shows all Fusio related composer dependencies and the build status:

Package Status
fusio/impl Status
fusio/cli Status
fusio/model Status
fusio/engine Status
fusio/adapter-amqp Status
fusio/adapter-beanstalk Status
fusio/adapter-cli Status
fusio/adapter-elasticsearch Status
fusio/adapter-fcgi Status
fusio/adapter-file Status
fusio/adapter-graphql Status
fusio/adapter-http Status
fusio/adapter-memcache Status
fusio/adapter-mongodb Status
fusio/adapter-php Status
fusio/adapter-redis Status
fusio/adapter-smtp Status
fusio/adapter-soap Status
fusio/adapter-sql Status
fusio/adapter-stripe Status
fusio/adapter-util Status