FastyBird IoT devices module for devices management & basic control logic

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What is FastyBird IoT devices module?

Devices module is a Nette framework extension for managing connected devices and their basic logic and exposing them for clients.

FastyBird IoT devices module is an Apache2 licensed distributed extension, developed in PHP with Nette framework.


FastyBird devices module is tested against PHP 7.4 and ReactPHP http 0.8 event-driven, streaming plaintext HTTP server and Nette framework 3.0 PHP framework for real programmers

Getting started

The best way to install fastybird/devices-module is using Composer.

If you don't have Composer yet, download it following the instructions. Then use command and install base Nette project. Everything required will be then installed in the provided folder.

$ composer create-project nette/web-project path/to/install
$ cd path/to/install

Module could be installed with command:

$ composer require fastybird/devices-module


This module is dependent on other Nette extensions. All this extensions have to enabled and configured in NEON configuration file.

Example configuration could be found here


This module is using database, and need some initial data to be inserted into it. This could be done via shell command:

$ vendor/bin/fb-console fb:devices-module:initialize

This console command is interactive and will ask for all required information.

HTTP server

This module has built-in web server for serving module api to clients. This web server could be started with command:

$ vendor/bin/fb-console fb:web-server:start

After successful start, app is listening for incoming http api request messages from clients.


Use the issue tracker for bugs or mail or Tweet us for any idea that can improve the project.

Thank you for testing, reporting and contributing.


For release info check release page


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