Generate vendor patches for packages with single command

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Generate vendor patches for packages with single command.


composer require symplify/vendor-patches --dev

# If you are applying patches to production, be sure to also explicitly add cweagans/composer-patches.
composer require cweagans/composer-patches


How to create a patch for a file in /vendor?

1. Create a Copy of /vendor file you Want To Change with *.old Suffix

For example, if you edit:

# copy of the file

2. Open the original file and change the lines you need:

 			if (DI\Helpers::parseAnnotation($rp, 'inject') !== null) {
-				if ($type = DI\Helpers::parseAnnotation($rp, 'var')) {
+				if ($type = \App\Reflection\Helper\StaticReflectionHelper::getPropertyType($rp)) {
+				} elseif ($type = DI\Helpers::parseAnnotation($rp, 'var')) {
 					$type = Reflection::expandClassName($type, Reflection::getPropertyDeclaringClass($rp));

Only *.php file is loaded, not the *.php.old one. This way you can be sure the new code is working before you generate patches.

3. Run generate command 🥳️

vendor/bin/vendor-patches generate

This tool will generate patch files for all files created this way in /patches directory:


The patch path is based on original file path, so the patch name is always unique.

Also, it will add configuration for cweagans/composer-patches to your composer.json:

    "extra": {
        "patches": {
            "nette/di": [

That's it!

Now all you need to do is run composer:

composer install

And your patches are applied to your code!

If not, get more information from composer to find out why:

composer install --verbose


If you are on macOS, and got hang on applying patch, you may need to install gpatch, you can install with:

brew install gpatch

Report Issues

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