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Continuous Integration Continuous Deployment

Turns checkstyle based XML-Reports into GitHub Pull Request Annotations via the Checks API. This script is meant for use within your GitHub Action.

That means you no longer search thru your GitHub Action logfiles. No need to interpret messages which are formatted differently with every tool. Instead you can focus on your Pull Request, and you don't need to leave the Pull Request area.

Logs Example

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DEMO - See how Pull Request warnings/errors are rendered in action


Install the binary via composer

composer require staabm/annotate-pull-request-from-checkstyle --dev

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Example Usage

cs2pr can be used on a already existing checkstyle-report xml-file. Alternatively you might use it in the unix-pipe notation to chain it into your existing cli command.

Run one of the following commands within your GitHub Action workflow:

Process a checkstyle formatted file

cs2pr /path/to/checkstyle-report.xml

Available Options

  • --graceful-warnings: Don't exit with error codes if there are only warnings
  • --colorize: Colorize the output. Useful if the same lint script should be used locally on the command line and remote on GitHub Actions. With this option, errors and warnings are better distinguishable on the command line and the output is still compatible with GitHub Annotations
  • --notices-as-warnings Converts notices to warnings. This can be useful because GitHub does not annotate notices.
  • --prepend-filename Prepend the filename to the output message
  • --prepend-source When the checkstyle generating tool provides a source attribute, prepend the source to the output message.

Pipe the output of another commmand

... works for any command which produces a checkstyle-formatted report.

Examples can bee seen below:

Using PHPStan

phpstan analyse --error-format=checkstyle | cs2pr

Phpstan 0.12.32 introduced native github actions support, therefore you might use this instead:

phpstan analyse

Using Psalm

psalm --output-format=checkstyle | cs2pr

Psalm even supports the required format natively, therefore you might use this instead:

psalm --output-format=github

Using PHP Coding Standards Fixer

php-cs-fixer fix --dry-run --format=checkstyle | cs2pr

Using PHP_CodeSniffer

phpcs --report=checkstyle -q /path/to/code | cs2pr

Note: the -q option means that no output will be shown in the action logs anymore. To see the output both in the PR as well as in the action logs, use two steps, like so:

      - name: Check PHP code style
        id: phpcs
        run: phpcs --report-full --report-checkstyle=./phpcs-report.xml

      - name: Show PHPCS results in PR
        if: ${{ always() && steps.phpcs.outcome == 'failure' }}
        run: cs2pr ./phpcs-report.xml

Using PHP Parallel Lint

vendor/bin/parallel-lint . --exclude vendor --checkstyle | cs2pr

Using Laravel Pint

- name: Show Pint results in PR
run: pint --test --format=checkstyle | cs2pr

Note: if you want to have both logs and annotations you need to run pint twice:

- name: Check PHP code style
id: cs-check
run: pint --test

- name: Generate Annotations on CS errors
if: failure() && steps.cs-check.outcome != 'success'
run: pint --test --format=checkstyle | cs2pr

phpunit support?

PHPUnit does not support checkstyle, therefore cs2pr will not work for you.

you might instead try

Example GithubAction workflow

If you're using shivammathur/setup-php to setup PHP, cs2pr binary is shipped within:

# ...
      name: phpstan static code analysis
      runs-on: ubuntu-latest
          - uses: actions/checkout@v2
          - name: Setup PHP
            uses: shivammathur/setup-php@v1
                php-version: 7.3
                coverage: none # disable xdebug, pcov
                tools: cs2pr
          - run: |
                composer install # install your apps dependencies
                vendor/bin/phpstan analyse --error-format=checkstyle | cs2pr

If you use a custom PHP installation, then your project needs to require staabm/annotate-pull-request-from-checkstyle

# ...
      name: phpstan static code analysis
      runs-on: ubuntu-latest
          - uses: actions/checkout@v2
          - name: Setup PHP
            run: # custom PHP installation 
          - run: |
                composer install # install your apps dependencies
                composer require staabm/annotate-pull-request-from-checkstyle # install cs2pr
                vendor/bin/phpstan analyse --error-format=checkstyle | vendor/bin/cs2pr

Using cs2pr as a GitHub Action

You can also use cs2pr itself as a GitHub Action. This is useful if you want to for instance use it for a project that does not use PHP or if you want to use it with a custom PHP installation.

See the example at the cs2pr GitHub Action repositiory.


GithubAction Problem Matchers


This script is based on a suggestion of Benjamin Eberlei

The Code is inspired by