A Standalone PHP ESI (EVE Swagger Interface) Client Library

2.4.0 2021-05-19 05:42 UTC



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👾 A Standalone, Dynamic ESI (EVE Swagger Interface) Client Library written in PHP

example usage

Its supposed to be simple!

// initialization stuff
$esi = new Eseye();

// Optionally, set the ESI endpoint version to use.
// If you dont set this, Eseye will use /latest

// make a call
$character_info = $esi->invoke('get', '/characters/{character_id}/', [
    'character_id' => 1477919642,

// get data!
echo $character_info->name;

For a more complete usage example, please refer to example.php


For up to date documentation, more examples and other goodies, please check out the project wiki!