Elgg is an award-winning social networking engine, delivering the building blocks that enable businesses, schools, universities and associations to create their own fully-featured social networks and applications.

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Copyright (c) 2008-2016, see COPYRIGHT.txt

For development credits, see CONTRIBUTORS.txt.

Elgg is managed by the Elgg Foundation, a nonprofit organization that was founded to govern, protect, and promote the Elgg open source social network engine. The Foundation aims to provide a stable, commercially and individually independent organization that operates in the best interest of Elgg as an open source project.

The project site can be found at http://elgg.org/.

The Elgg project was started in 2004 by

Elgg is released under the GNU General Public License (GPL) Version 2 and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT-X11) License. See LICENSE.txt in the root of the package you downloaded.

For installation instructions, see INSTALL.txt.

For upgrade instructions, see UPGRADE.txt.