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Welcome to hook

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hook is a RESTful, extendable Backend as a Service that provides instant backend to develop sites and apps faster, with dead-simple integration for iOS, Android, JavaScript and more.

Requirements: PHP 5.5+, or PHP 5.3.


  • Multitenancy (same instance may be used for many apps)
  • User authentication (register, login, reset password)
  • Data persistance through collections
  • Data storage through many providers
  • Real-time communication through WAMP subprotocol (WebSockets).
  • Package management through composer


Run this command in your terminal to get the lastest version:

curl -sSL | bash

At the end of the process you should have hook and hook-cli installed in your machine.

How to use

Run the server locally:

hook server

Create a new application from the commandine:

hook app:new my-app --endpoint

It will output access keys to use in the front-end. Checkout this example using JavaScript frontend.

Take a look at the documentation for more details.

Front-end Integration

Reduce the gap between backend and frontend development: