Dotkernel Frontend Application

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v2.0.0 2020-01-31 13:30 UTC


Dotkernel web starter package suitable for frontend applications.


  • Frontend application require PHP >= 7.1
  • In order to use the default setup and import the database files, you need MySQL


Create a new project directory and change dir to it. Run the following composer command

$ composer create-project dotkernel/frontend .

The setup script will prompt for some custom settings. When encountering a question like the one below:

Please select which config file you wish to inject 'Zend\Session\ConfigProvider' into:
  [0] Do not inject
  [1] config/config.php
  Make your selection (default is 0):

For this option select [0] Do not inject because the frontend application already has an injected config provider which already contains the prompted configurations.

Remember this option for other packages of the same type? (y/N) y The ConfigProvider's can be left un-injected as the requested configurations are already loaded.


  • import the database schema, if you are using mysql, which can be found in data/frontend.sql
  • remove the .dist extension of the file local.php.dist located in config/autoload
  • edit local.php according to your dev machine. Fill in the database configuration and smtp credentials if you want your application to send mails on registration etc.
  • get a recaptcha key pair and configure the local.php with them
  • if you use the create-project command, after installing, the project will go into development mode automatically
  • you can also toggle development mode by using the composer commands
$ composer development-enable
$ composer development-disable
  • if not already done on installation, copy file to

This will enable dev mode by turning debug flag to true and turning configuration caching off. It will also make sure that any previously config cache is cleared.

Do not enable dev mode in production

  • Next, run the following command in your project's directory
$ php -S -t public
  • visit http://localhost:8080 in your browser

NOTE: If you are still getting exceptions or errors regarding some missing services, try running the following command

$ composer clear-config-cache

NOTE If you get errors when running composer commands like development-enable or clear-config-cache related to parsing errors and strict types it is probably because you don't have the PHP CLI version > 7.1 installed

If you cannot use these commands(for example if you cannot upgrade PHP globally) you can setup/clean the project by hand as described below or if you have a locally installed PHP 7.1 version you can use that

  • enable development mode by renaming the files config/development.config.php.dist and config/autoload/development.local.php.dist to have the .dist extension removed
  • disable dev mode by reverting the above procedure
  • manually clear cached data from data/cache directory and optionally data/proxies

Handling errors

dot-errorhandler automatically captures errors and saves them to log/error-log-{CURRENT_DATE}.log.

The name and location of the log file can be customized by editing it in the following config file: config/autoload/

To learn more about configuring the error handler and adding more stream writers, read the following articles: