DotKernel flash messenger component for session messages between redirects

3.5.0 2024-05-03 18:25 UTC


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Flash messenger library for session messages between redirects. A flash message, or session message is a piece of text data that survives one requests(available only in the next request). This library accepts session data as well, not just string messages, with the same behaviour. The flash messenger is a convenient way to add data to the session and get it back on the next request without bothering with setting and clearing the data manually.


Run the following command in your project folder

composer require dotkernel/dot-flashmessenger

This will also install laminas/laminas-session as session handling is based on this library. Next, merge the ConfigProvider to your application's configuration


return [
    'dot_flashmessenger' => [
        'namespace' => 'flash messages session namespace name'

Sets the session namespace to use for all flash messages and data


If following the installation step, you'll already have a FlashMessenger service in the service manager. Just inject this service in you classes, wherever you need flash messages.

Getting the service in a factory


Using the flash messenger service

To add and retrieve text messages

$this->flashMessenger->addMessage('error', 'This is a error flash message');

//on the next request you can get all messages from a namespace, or all messages from all namespaces if namespace is omitted

Adding general data, not just messages, has a different method for that, accepting data as key/value pairs

$this->flashMessenger->addData('myData', $someData);

// next request

There are also some predefined namespaces, along with shortcuts to add a message in the predefined namespaces


using the methods:

 * @param string $error
 * @return void
public function addError($error);

 * @param string $info
 * @return void
public function addInfo($info);

 * @param string $warning
 * @return void
public function addWarning($warning);

 * @param string $success
 * @return void
public function addSuccess($success);


A class that is able to parse the content of the flash messenger service in an HTML format. It uses the TemplateInterface to parse a partial, sending to the partial template the messages, the service and the renderer itself. There are also a twig extension provided in dot-twigrenderer, for easy parsing of messages blocks.

Registered services


The flash messenger service


The registered renderer class