Framework PHPJS full typehinting support with easy helper

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PHP framework with powerful functions


Programs Links / Description
NodeJS 10++ download
vscode Code editor
python 2.7 download
php intelephense (vscode extension) For Powerful PHP Intelisense (required)
php docblocker (vscode extension) For PHP DocBlock Support (optional)
PHP 7.3^ (7.4 Recommended)
php-gd php-curl php-ext PHP Extension

How to update XAMPP php version windows

  • Download PHP select version you're desired
  • stop XAMPP apache
  • backup your current XAMPP PHP (C:\xampp\php)
  • extract the zip (php.exe, etc) from the zip php your'e downloaded before into (C:\xampp\php)
  • start XAMPP apache

How to view current XAMPP PHP version

  • create file info.php, insert
<?php phpinfo(); ?>
  • access it through your localhost, you'll see your php version and other configuration there

How to install php extension on windows

  • access C:\xampp\php\ext, there is installed php extensions folder
  • basically, xampp have all php extensions except experimental extensions


  • SASS/SCSS/LESS Compiler
  • JS/CSS/HTML Minifier
  • Cached Mode
  • Obfuscate Mode

Usages And Tutorials

Documentation Documentation


  • PHP - JS integrated function
  • Windows - PHP integrated function
  • PHP - Older php function shimmer

Tested Working Development On:

  • Windows 7/10
  • Kali Linux (Subsystem Win 10)


  • always use --prefer-offline for install npm packages to improving installer speed
  • always use --prefer-source for install composer package faster

Install Windows

  • Install ALL Requirements before running these steps
  • Open cmd.bat
  • select Terminal you're desired
  • type below code into terminal:
npm install -g typescript
composer install --prefer-source
npm install --prefer-offline
npm install typescript gulp depcheck -g --prefer-offline
tsc -p tsconfig.build.json
tsc -p tsconfig.precompiler.json
tsc -p tsconfig.compiler.json
  • now you can run development on your device
gulp build #for building components all at once
gulp watch #for watching file on change and automatically run job based on changed files

Install on production

# no additional runner in production
npm install --ignore-scripts
composer install --no-scripts
# for updating
npm update --ignore-scripts
composer update --no-scripts