Source and API version of a CMS that emphasizes flexibility and content permanence. Generally this package is only used for development.

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v2.x-dev 2024-07-03 19:13 UTC

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A CMS that treats content as a generalized directed graph (generalized to the point of even gracefully handling cyclical site maps). Nodes in the graph may have different types, different data structures, and may be connected to each other by any number of edges in any structure imagineable. This CMS is intended for extreme flexibility, and prioritizes flexibility above performance.

This repo contains the source code of the core of the CMS. This is intended for more advanced development by users who are comfortable setting up their own entire system, and maintaining their own update schedule using Composer.

Under active development

For the love of glob, don't use this thing in production yet. There are no installation instructions or tools yet, and it's not even remotely ready for production use.