Pdf parser library. Can read and extract information from pdf file.

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Pdf Parser, a standalone PHP library, provides various tools to extract data from a PDF file.

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Website :

Test the API on our demo page.

This project is supported by Actualys.


Features included :

  • Load/parse objects and headers
  • Extract meta data (author, description, ...)
  • Extract text from ordered pages
  • Support of compressed pdf
  • Support of MAC OS Roman charset encoding
  • Handling of hexa and octal encoding in text sections
  • PSR-0 compliant (autoloader)
  • PSR-1 compliant (code styling)

Currently, secured documents are not supported.

This Library is under active maintenance. There is no active development by the author of this library (at the moment), but we welcome any pull request adding/extending functionality!


Read the documentation on website.

Original PDF References files can be downloaded from this url:

For developers: Please read for more information about local development of the PDFParser library.


Using Composer

  • Obtain Composer
  • Run composer require smalot/pdfparser

Use alternate file loader

In case you can't use Composer, you can include alt_autoload.php-dist into your project. It will load all required files at once. Afterwards you can use PDFParser class and others.


This library is under the LGPLv3 license.