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Big Data Framework

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4klift is a set of PHP components for developing highly available, redundant and scalable web sites or services on top of Apache Cassandra.

Cassandra makes 4klift well suited for server side applications requiring greater than 99.99% service availability while also being able to withstand up to millions of read and write operations per second.

This framework of components can be used together or individually. Many components may be used individually in a variety of other frameworks, including Symfony, Silex, Laraval and Drupal.

Try the Getting Started tutorial in ./docs/ to evaluate features. This documentation is a work in progress.

Pre-Alpha / In Progress

We are in the process of preparing some of our libraries for open source. This development VM is also a work-in-progress and may result in additional packages installed on provision and eventually a new base box with many of the provisioned requirements pre-installed. However, this remains a useful VM for high performance web development.

We target software that can run on CentOS 6.7. 4klift is required to run on a wide range of enterprise systems that may be venerable in internet years, but very stable. However, these are simply minimal requirements; every effort is taken to ensure 4klift's ability to run on modern distributions.

To use the latest dev version, use the dev-master branch.


Component Repository
API: Annotate existing controllers to create a REST API. API 4klift component
CEF: Cassandra Entity Framework for data management with models and a query builder. CEF 4klift component
CFG: Configuration management. CFG 4klift component
CMS: Content management system built to utilize CEF / Cassandra. CMS 4klift component

4klift Development

4klift Requires:

Getting Started

Create Project
git clone
cd 4klift
docker-compose up

When running, browse to http://localhost:8081. Access logs on Graylog at http://localhost:9000.

Start the Docker containers.
$ docker-compose up
Run commands on the server
$ docker exec 4klift-server bash 

Contributing to 4klift

If you'd like to contribute to the 4klift project, create component libraries, etc., you can fork and clone the project.

Code Quality

4klift and its components attempt to comply with PSR-1, PSR-2, and PSR-4. We welcome pull requests fixing any violations.



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