PHP documentation generator, with markdown output

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This is a script that can generate markdown (.md) files for your API documentation.

It is tailored for projects using PSR-0, PSR-1, PSR-2, PSR-4 and namespaces. The project was primarily developed for sabre/dav, but it should work for other codebases as well.

It only documents classes and interfaces.

The code is ugly, it was intended as a one-off, and I was in a hurry.. so the codebase may not be up to your standards. (it certainly isn't up to mine).


This project assumes you have composer installed. Simply add:

"require-dev" : {

    "evert/phpdoc-md" : "~0.1.1"


To your composer.json, and then you can simply install with:

composer install


First ensure that phpdocumentor 2 is installed somewhere, after, you must generate a file called structure.xml.

The easiest is to create a temporary directory, for example named docs/.

# phpdoc command
phpdoc  -d [project path] -t docs/ --template="xml"

# Next, run phpdocmd:
phpdocmd docs/structure.xml [outputdir]


--lt [template]
    This specifies the 'template' for links we're generating. By default
    this is "%c.md".

This should generate all the .md files. I'm excited to hear your feedback.

Cheers, Evert