This package is abandoned and no longer maintained. The author suggests using the consolidation/robo package instead.

Modern task runner

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Modern and simple PHP task runner inspired by Gulp and Rake aimed to automate common tasks:

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  • writing cross-platform scripts
  • processing assets (less, sass, minification)
  • running tests
  • executing daemons (and workers)
  • watching filesystem changes
  • deployment with sftp/ssh/docker



Download robo.phar >


To install globally put robo.phar in /usr/bin.

chmod +x robo.phar && sudo mv robo.phar /usr/bin/robo

Now you can use it just like robo.


  • Run composer require consolidation/robo:~1
  • Use vendor/bin/robo to execute Robo tasks.


All tasks are defined as public methods in RoboFile.php. It can be created by running robo. All protected methods in traits that start with task prefix are tasks and can be configured and executed in your tasks.


The best way to learn Robo by example is to take a look into its own RoboFile or RoboFile of Codeception project. There are also some basic example commands in examples/RoboFile.php.

Here are some snippets from them:

Run acceptance test with local server and selenium server started.

class RoboFile extends \Robo\Tasks

    function testAcceptance($seleniumPath = '~/selenium-server-standalone-2.39.0.jar')
       // launches PHP server on port 8000 for web dir
       // server will be executed in background and stopped in the end

       // running Selenium server in background
        $this->taskExec('java -jar ' . $seleniumPath)

        // loading Symfony Command and running with passed argument
        $this->taskSymfonyCommand(new \Codeception\Command\Run('run'))

If you execute robo you will see this task added to list of available task with name: test:acceptance. To execute it you shoud run robo test:acceptance. You may change path to selenium server by passing new path as a argument:

robo test:acceptance "C:\Downloads\selenium.jar"

Using watch task so you can use it for running tests or building assets.

class RoboFile extends \Robo\Tasks {

    function watchComposer()
        // when composer.json changes `composer update` will be executed
        $this->taskWatch()->monitor('composer.json', function() {

Cleaning logs and cache

class RoboFile extends \Robo\Tasks
    public function clean()


This task cleans app/cache and app/logs dirs (ignoring .gitignore and .gitkeep files) Can be executed by running:

robo clean

Creating Phar archive

function buildPhar()
    $files = Finder::create()->ignoreVCS(true)->files()->name('*.php')->in(__DIR__);
    $packer = $this->taskPackPhar('robo.phar');
    foreach ($files as $file) {
        $packer->addFile($file->getRelativePathname(), $file->getRealPath());

We need more tasks!

Create your own tasks and send them as Pull Requests or create packages prefixed with robo- on Packagist.


Follow @robo_php for updates.

Created by Michael Bodnarchuk @davert.