A PHP7.2+ OAuth1/2 and API client

2.0.4 2019-07-31 14:10 UTC


A PHP7.2+ OAuth1/2 client with an integrated API wrapper, loosely based on Lusitanian/PHPoAuthLib.

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  • PHP 7.2+
  • the Sodium extension for token encryption
  • a PSR-18 compatible HTTP client library of your choice
    • optional PSR-17 compatible Request-, Response- and UriFactories

For documentation of the core components, see chillerlan/php-oauth-core

Supported Providers


(PR welcome!)


requires composer

composer.json (note: replace dev-master with a version boundary)

	"require": {
		"php": "^7.2",
		"chillerlan/php-oauth": "dev-master"

Manual Installation

Download the desired version of the package from master or release and extract the contents to your project folder. After that:

  • run composer install to install the required dependencies and generate /vendor/autoload.php.
  • if you use a custom autoloader, point the namespace chillerlan\OAuth to the folder src of the package





OAuth tokens are secrets and should be treated as such. Store them in a safe place, consider encryption.
I won't take responsibility for stolen auth tokens. Use at your own risk.