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A collection of utilities for use with PSR-7 Message implementations.

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requires composer

composer.json (note: replace dev-main with a version boundary)

	"require": {
		"php": "^7.4 || ^8.0",
		"chillerlan/php-http-message-utils": "dev-main"




The Header class contains static methods for use with http request and response headers.

method return info
normalize(array $headers) array Normalizes an array of header lines to format ["Name" => "Value (, Value2, Value3, ...)", ...] An exception is being made for Set-Cookie, which holds an array of values for each cookie. For multiple cookies with the same name, only the last value will be kept.


The Query class contains static methods for use with http query strings.

method return info
cleanParams(iterable $params, int $bool_cast = null, bool $remove_empty = null) array Cleans/normalizes an array of query parameters, booleans will be converted according to the given $bool_cast constant. By default, booleans will be left as-is (Query::BOOLEANS_AS_BOOL) and may result in empty values. If $remove_empty is set to true, empty non-boolean and null values will be removed from the array. The Query class provides the following constants for $bool_cast:
BOOLEANS_AS_BOOL: unchanged boolean value (default)
BOOLEANS_AS_INT: integer values 0 or 1
BOOLEANS_AS_STRING: "true"/"false" strings
BOOLEANS_AS_INT_STRING: "0"/"1" strings
build(array $params, int $encoding = null, string $delimiter = null, string $enclosure = null) string Builds a query string from an array of key value pairs, similar to http_build_query. Valid values for $encoding are PHP_QUERY_RFC3986 (default) and PHP_QUERY_RFC1738, any other integer value will be interpreted as "no encoding" (Query::NO_ENCODING).
merge(string $uri, array $query) string Merges additional query parameters into an existing query string.
parse(string $querystring, int $urlEncoding = null) array Parses a query string into an associative array, similar to parse_str (without the inconvenient usage of a by-reference result variable).


The Server object requires a set of PSR-17 factories on invocation, namely ServerRequestFactoryInterface, UriFactoryInterface, UploadedFileFactoryInterface and StreamFactoryInterface. It provides convenience methods to create server requests, URIs and uploaded files from the superglobals.

method return info
createServerRequestFromGlobals() ServerRequestInterface Returns a ServerRequest object populated from the superglobals $_GET, $_POST, $_COOKIE, $_FILES and $_SERVER.
createUriFromGlobals() UriInterface Creates an Uri populated with values from $_SERVER (HTTP_HOST, SERVER_NAME, SERVER_ADDR, SERVER_PORT, REQUEST_URI, QUERY_STRING).
normalizeFiles(array $files) UploadedFileInterface[] Returns an UploadedFile instance array.
createUploadedFileFromSpec(array $value) UploadedFileInterface or UploadedFileInterface[] Creates an UploadedFile instance from a $_FILES specification. If the specification represents an array of values, this method will delegate to normalizeNestedFileSpec() and return that return value.
normalizeNestedFileSpec(array $files):array array Normalizes an array of file specifications. Loops through all nested files and returns a normalized array of UploadedFileInterface instances.


The namespace chillerlan\HTTP\Utils contains several functions for various operations with message objects.

function return info
getMimetypeFromExtension(string $extension) ?string Get the mime type for the given file extension (checks against the constant chillerlan\HTTP\Utils\MIMETYPES, a list of mime types from the apache default config)
getMimetypeFromFilename(string $filename) ?string Get the mime type from a file name
r_rawurlencode($data) mixed Recursive rawurlencode
get_json(MessageInterface $message, bool $assoc = null) mixed fetches the body of a MessageInterface and converts it to a JSON object (stdClass) or an associative array if $assoc is set to true and returns the result.
get_xml(MessageInterface $message, bool $assoc = null) mixed fetches the body of a MessageInterface and converts it to a SimpleXMLElement or an associative array if $assoc is set to true and returns the result.
message_to_string(MessageInterface $message) string Returns the string representation of an HTTP message.
decompress_content(MessageInterface $message) string Decompresses the message content according to the Content-Encoding header (compress, deflate, gzip, br) and returns the decompressed data. For a br (Brotli) extension see:
uriIsDefaultPort(UriInterface $uri) bool Checks whether the UriInterface has a port set and if that port is one of the default ports for the given scheme.
uriIsAbsolute(UriInterface $uri) bool Checks Whether the URI is absolute, i.e. it has a scheme.
uriIsNetworkPathReference(UriInterface $uri) bool Checks Whether the URI is a network-path reference.
uriIsAbsolutePathReference(UriInterface $uri) bool Checks Whether the URI is a absolute-path reference.
uriIsRelativePathReference(UriInterface $uri) bool Checks Whether the URI is a relative-path reference.
uriWithoutQueryValue(UriInterface $uri, string $key) UriInterface Removes a specific query string value. Any existing query string values that exactly match the provided $key are removed.
uriWithQueryValue(UriInterface $uri, string $key, string $value = null) UriInterface Adds a specific query string value. Any existing query string values that exactly match the provided $key are removed and replaced with the given $key-$value pair. A value of null will set the query string key without a value, e.g. "key" instead of "key=value".
parseUrl(string $url) ?array UTF-8 aware \parse_url() replacement.