A http PSR-7/17/18 client/interface for PHP7.4+

4.0.0 2019-11-10 21:41 UTC

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Last update: 2021-01-10 16:37:38 UTC


A PSR-7/PSR-17/PSR-18 implementation for PHP 7.4+.

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Continuous Integration



  • PHP 7.4+
    • the cURL extension


requires composer

composer.json (note: replace dev-master with a version boundary)

	"require": {
		"php": "^7.4",
		"chillerlan/php-httpinterface": "dev-master"



PSR-7 Message interfaces & helpers

PSR-7 interface class/signature
RequestInterface Request(string $method, $uri, array $headers = null, $body = null, string $version = null)
ServerRequestInterface ServerRequest(string $method, $uri, array $headers = null, $body = null, string $version = null, array $serverParams = null)
ResponseInterface Response(int $status = null, array $headers = null, $body = null, string $version = null, string $reason = null)
StreamInterface Stream($stream)
StreamInterface MultipartStream(array $elements = null, string $boundary = null)
UploadedFileInterface UploadedFile($file, int $size, int $error = UPLOAD_ERR_OK, string $filename = null, string $mediaType = null)
UriInterface Uri(string $uri = null)

These static helper functions can be found in the chillerlan\HTTP\Psr7 namespace:

function description
normalize_request_headers(array $headers)
r_rawurlencode($data) recursive rawurlencode, accepts a string or an array as input
build_http_query(array $params, bool $urlencode = null, string $delimiter = null, string $enclosure = null) see abraham/twitteroauth
clean_query_params(iterable $params, int $bool_cast = null, bool $remove_empty = null) clean an array of parameters for URL queries (or JSON output etc.) using the following cast formats:
BOOLEANS_AS_BOOL - bool types will be left untouched (default)
BOOLEANS_AS_INT - cast to integer 1 and 0
BOOLEANS_AS_STRING - a string value "true" and "false"
BOOLEANS_AS_INT_STRING - integer values, but as string, "1" and "0"
merge_query(string $uri, array $query) merges an array of query parameters into an URL query string
normalize_files(array $files)
create_uploaded_file_from_spec(array $value)
normalize_nested_file_spec(array $files = [])
get_json(ResponseInterface $response, bool $assoc = null)
get_xml(ResponseInterface $response)
message_to_string(MessageInterface $message) returns the string representation of a MessageInterface
decompress_content(MessageInterface $message) decompresses the message content according to the Content-Encoding header and returns the decompressed data

PSR-15 Request handlers and middleware

These classes can be found in the chillerlan\HTTP\Psr15 namespace:

PSR-15 interface class/signature
RequestHandlerInterface EmptyResponseHandler(ResponseFactoryInterface $responseFactory, int $status)
RequestHandlerInterface QueueRunner(array $middlewareStack, RequestHandlerInterface $fallbackHandler)
RequestHandlerInterface, MiddlewareInterface QueueDispatcher(iterable $middlewareStack = null, RequestHandlerInterface $fallbackHandler = null)
RequestHandlerInterface, MiddlewareInterface PriorityQueueDispatcher(iterable $middlewareStack = null, RequestHandlerInterface $fallbackHandler = null)
MiddlewareInterface PriorityMiddleware(MiddlewareInterface $middleware, int $priority = null)

QueueDispatcher example

// an iterable that contains several PSR-15 MiddlewareInterfaces
$middlewareStack = [
    // ...

// Fallback handler, using a PSR-17 ResponseFactory:
$fallbackHandler = new EmptyResponseHandler($responseFactoryInterface, 200);

// Create request handler instance:
$handler = new QueueDispatcher($middlewareStack, $fallbackHandler);

// manually add a middleware

// execute it:
$response = $handler->handle($serverRequestInterface);

The PriorityQueueDispatcher works similar, with the difference that it also accepts PriorityMiddlewareInterface in the middleware stack, which allows you to specify a priority to control the order of execution.

PSR-17 Factories & helpers

PSR-17 interface class/signature
RequestFactoryInterface RequestFactory()
ResponseFactoryInterface ResponseFactory()
ServerRequestFactoryInterface ServerRequestFactory()
StreamFactoryInterface StreamFactory()
UploadedFileFactoryInterface UploadedFileFactory()
UriFactoryInterface UriFactory()

These static functions can be found in the chillerlan\HTTP\Psr17 namespace:

function description
create_server_request_from_globals() creates a PSR-7 ServerRequestInterface object that is populated with the GPCS superglobals
create_uri_from_globals() creates a PSR-7 UriInterface object that is populated with values from $_SERVER
create_stream(string $content = '') creates a PSR-7 StreamInterface object from a string
create_stream_from_input($in = null) creates a PSR-7 StreamInterface object from guessed input (string/scalar, resource, object)

PSR-18 HTTP Clients

These classes can be found in the chillerlan\HTTP\Psr18 namespace:

class/signature description
CurlClient a native cURL client
StreamClient a client that uses PHP's stream methods (still requires cURL)
URLExtractor a client that resolves shortened links (such as or and returns the response for the last (deepest) URL
LoggingClient a logger client that wraps another ClientInterface and utilizes a LoggerInterface to log the request and response objects

The namespace chillerlan\HTTP\CurlUtils contains several classes related to CurlClient

class description
CurlHandle used in CurlClient and CurlMultiClient
CurlMultiClient a curl_multi / "Rolling Curl" implementation
MultiResponseHandlerInterface the response handler for CurlMultiClient

HTTP client example

The built-in HTTP clients are usually invoked with a HTTPOptions object as the first (optional) parameter, and - depending on the client - followed by one or more optional PSR-17 message factories and a PSR-3 LoggerInterface.

$options = new HTTPOptions([
	'ca_info'    => '/path/to/cacert.pem',
	'user_agent' => 'my cool user agent 1.0',

$http = new CurlClient($options, $myResponseFactory);

You can now fire a request via the implemented PSR-18 method ClientInterface::sendRequest(), using an existing PSR-7 RequestInterface and expect a PSR-7 ResponseInterface.

use chillerlan\HTTP\Psr7\Request;

$request = new Request('GET', '');