A container class for immutable settings objects. Not a DI container.

3.1.0 2023-07-17 20:46 UTC

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Last update: 2023-11-27 18:31:22 UTC


A container class for settings objects - decouple configuration logic from your application! Not a DI container.

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requires composer

composer.json (note: replace dev-main with a version constraint, e.g. ^3.0 - see releases for valid versions)

	"require": {
		"php": "^8.1",
		"chillerlan/php-settings-container": "dev-main"



The SettingsContainerInterface (wrapped inSettingsContainerAbstract) provides plug-in functionality for immutable object properties and adds some fancy, like loading/saving JSON, arrays etc. It takes an iterable as the only constructor argument and calls a method with the trait's name on invocation (MyTrait::MyTrait()) for each used trait.

Simple usage

class MyContainer extends SettingsContainerAbstract{
	protected string $foo;
	protected string $bar;
// use it just like a \stdClass (except the properties are fixed)
$container = new MyContainer;
$container->foo = 'what';
$container->bar = 'foo';

// which is equivalent to
$container = new MyContainer(['bar' => 'foo', 'foo' => 'what']);
// ...or try
$container->fromJSON('{"foo": "what", "bar": "foo"}');

// fetch all properties as array
$container->toArray(); // -> ['foo' => 'what', 'bar' => 'foo']
// or JSON
$container->toJSON(); // -> {"foo": "what", "bar": "foo"}
// JSON via JsonSerializable
$json = json_encode($container); // -> {"foo": "what", "bar": "foo"}

//non-existing properties will be ignored:
$container->nope = 'what';

var_dump($container->nope); // -> null

Advanced usage

// from library 1
trait SomeOptions{
	protected string $foo;
	protected string $what;

	// this method will be called in SettingsContainerAbstract::construct()
	// after the properties have been set
	protected function SomeOptions():void{
		// just some constructor stuff...
		$this->foo = strtoupper($this->foo);

	 * special prefixed magic setters & getters

	// this method will be called from __set() when property $what is set
	protected function set_what(string $value):void{
		$this->what = md5($value);

	// this method is called on __get() for the property $what
	protected function get_what():string{
		return 'hash: '.$this->what;

// from library 2
trait MoreOptions{
	protected string $bar = 'whatever'; // provide default values
$commonOptions = [
	// SomeOptions
	'foo' => 'whatever',
	// MoreOptions
	'bar' => 'nothing',

// now plug the several library options together to a single object
$container = new class ($commonOptions) extends SettingsContainerAbstract{
	use SomeOptions, MoreOptions;

var_dump($container->foo); // -> WHATEVER (constructor ran strtoupper on the value)
var_dump($container->bar); // -> nothing

$container->what = 'some value';
var_dump($container->what); // -> hash: 5946210c9e93ae37891dfe96c3e39614 (custom getter added "hash: ")



method return info
__construct(iterable $properties = null) - calls construct() internally after the properties have been set
(protected) construct() void calls a method with trait name as replacement constructor for each used trait
__get(string $property) mixed calls $this->{'get_'.$property}() if such a method exists
__set(string $property, $value) void calls $this->{'set_'.$property}($value) if such a method exists
__isset(string $property) bool
__unset(string $property) void
__toString() string a JSON string
toArray() array
fromIterable(iterable $properties) SettingsContainerInterface
toJSON(int $jsonOptions = null) string accepts JSON options constants
fromJSON(string $json) SettingsContainerInterface
jsonSerialize() mixed implements the JsonSerializable interface


This might be either an utterly genius or completely stupid idea - you decide. However, i like it and it works. Also, this is not a dependency injection container. Stop using DI containers FFS.