An Web Application starter kit / boilerplate by Borut Balazek - build with Silex


Web Application Starter Kit

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Important note: With the release of SF4, the Symfony team has decided to retire Silex. This means, it will not support any new SF4 features anymore. So from now on, I suggest using the new SF4 for long-term projects, as I will not be able to add any new (SF4) features to this boilerplate/starter kit. However, I may prepare a similar starter kit for SF4 in the near future, so stay tuned.

A simple web application boilerplate for small or mid scale applications. Included:

  • Users system
    • Login
    • Logout
    • Register
    • Reset password
    • Basic profile
    • Settings / edit profile
    • Change password
  • Basic user roles system - ability to assign roles for each user
  • Administration
    • Users
      • View
      • Edit
      • Switch / impersonate
      • Remove
    • User actions
    • Posts
  • Tools
    • Email preview - you are able to view the email templates while working on them (without the need of sending test emails to yourself for every change)
    • Database backup - backup and restore your database schema
  • Errors / exceptions tracking - save the exceptions / errors directly to the database and / or send emails when an error happened
  • Statistics
  • Settings

Requirements & Tools & Helpers

Setup / Development

  • Navigate your your web directory: cd /var/www
  • Create a new project: composer create-project bobalazek/web-application-starter-kit myapp --no-scripts
  • Navigate inside the application cd myapp
  • Configure database (and maybe other stuff if you want) - copy/clone app/configs/global-local.example.php into app/configs/global-local.php and set the config there. Alternatively, you can also do the same with .env.example, if you only want to change the basics (database configuration & environment).
  • Run the following commands:
    • composer install
    • bin/console orm:schema-tool:update --force (to install the database schema)
    • bower update (to install the front-end dependencies - you will need to install Bower first - if you haven't already)
    • bin/console application:database:hydrate-data (to hydrate some data)
  • You are done! Start developing!


  • We use the Doctrine database
  • Navigate to your project directory: cd /var/www/myapp
  • Check the entities: bin/console orm:info (optional)
  • Update the schema: bin/console orm:schema-tool:update --force
  • Database updated!


  • We use Deployer
  • Set your configuration inside deployer/config.php and deployer/hosts.php
  • Run dep deploy qa (or whatever environment you want)
  • The app was deployed to your server!

Application name

You should replace the name for your actual application inside the following files:

  • bower.json
  • composer.json
  • phpunit.xml
  • app/configs/global.php

Administrator login

With the bin/console application:database:hydrate-data command, you will, per default hydrate 2 users (which you can change inside the app/fixtures/users.php file):

  • Admin User (with admin permissions)
    • Username: admin or
    • Password: test
  • Test User (with the default user permissions)
    • Username: test or
    • Password: test


  • bin/console application:environment:prepare - Will create the global-local.php and development-local.php files (if they do not exist)
  • bin/console application:database:hydrate-data [-r|--remove-existing-data] - Will hydrate the tables with some basic data, like: 2 users and 6 roles (the --remove-existing-data flag will truncate all tables before re-hydrating them)
  • bin/console application:storage:prepare - Will prepare all the storage (var/) folders, like: cache, logs, sessions, etc.
  • bin/console application:translations:prepare - Prepares all the untranslated string into a separate (app/locales/{locale}/messages_untranslated.yml) file. Accepts an locale argument (defaults to 'en_US' - usage: bin/console application:translations:prepare --locale de_DE or bin/console application:translations:prepare -l de_DE )

Other commands

  • php-cs-fixer fix . - if you want your code fixed before each commit. You will need to install PHP Coding Standards Fixer
  • bin/simple-phpunit - run your PHPUnit tests

Modules / Components

In case you want to create a new component / module in this system, do the following (in this case, the posts inside the members area):

File structure

  • app/
    • configs/ => All basic config stuff (+ validation)
    • core/ => The core files such as providers, routes, middlewares and definitions
    • fixtures/ => Used for hydrating the database
    • locales/ => Used for translations
    • templates/ => All twig templates
  • bin/
    • console
  • src/
    • Application/
      • Command/
      • Controller/
      • ControllerProvider/
      • Doctrine/ => Some Doctrine fixes for Silex
      • Entity/ => All entities / models
      • Form/
      • Provider/
      • Repository/
      • Tool/
      • Twig/
  • web/
    • assets/
      • images/
      • javascripts/
      • uploads/ => Used for uploads
      • vendor/ => Bower dependencies
    • index.php



Dashboard preview


Dashboard preview

Reset password

Dashboard preview


Dashboard preview


Profile preview

Profile settings

Profile settings preview


Statistics preview


Users preview

Users edit

Users edit preview


Web Application Starter Kit is licensed under the MIT license.