A generic bookingmanager

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v11.1.0 2023-06-11 17:59 UTC


Booking Manager v11


  • via composer
composer require blueways/bw-bookingmanager
  • include TypoScript setup and constants
  • include route enhancer in site config:
  - resource: 'EXT:bw_bookingmanager/Configuration/Routing/Api.yaml'
  - resource: 'EXT:bw_bookingmanager/Configuration/Routing/Ics.yaml'


To create a new calendar

  • Create a new SysFolder and use it as container for "Booking Manager"
  • Add a new Calendar to the folder
  • Create timeslots for the calendar or enable direct booking in calendar settings


To send automated emails, add a new Notification record inside a SysFolder and select the event and calendars you want to be notified about.

E-Mail Templates

The template can be selected in the Notification settings. To modify the available templates, use PageTS:

TCEFORM.tx_bwbookingmanager_domain_model_notification {
  template.addItems {
    welcome = Welcome Template

Emails are send through the TYPO3 Mail API. To use custom email templates, add your template directory to the TYPO3 configuration and make sure the configured template name exists:

$GLOBALS['TYPO3_CONF_VARS']['MAIL']['templateRootPaths'][108] = 'EXT:extension/Resources/Private/Templates/Email';

Conditional notifications

To add a new condition in the backend, register a new checkbox item via TCA:

$GLOBALS['TCA']['tx_bwbookingmanager_domain_model_notification']['columns']['conditions']['items'][] = [
    'New condition name', \Vendor\Extension\NotificationCondition\TheNewCondition::class

The value of the item should be a class name that implements the NotificationConditionInterface.

class TheNewCondition implements NotificationConditionInterface

    public function doSend(Entry $entry): bool
        // ...logic

        // prevent sending of email
        return false;


There a various ways to extend or modify the behavior of the booking manager.


There are PSR-14 events dispatched which offer a way to execute custom functionality

  • AfterEntryCreationEvent


  • Confirmation mails not configured via TypoScript anymore - create a separate Notification