Laravel-based church membership and website administration



The MIT License (MIT). Please see License File for more information.


  1. Install laravel using Composer (eg: to create a project named connexion: laravel new connexion)
  2. Change to the project folder created and fix permissions on bootstrap and storage folders:
sudo chmod -R 777 storage
sudo chmod -R 777 bootstrap
  1. Check the Laravel installation is running properly before proceeding.
  2. Add the connexion package to composer.json (also, note the minimum-stability setting is just until tymon/jwt-auth reaches v 1.0.0 - at the moment it is a RC:
"require": {
   "bishopm/connexion": "dev-master"
"minimum-stability": "RC",
  1. Run composer update in the project folder, which will pull in the package and its dependencies
  2. Add your database credentials to .env
  3. Add Bishopm\Connexion\Providers\ConnexionServiceProvider::class at the bottom of the list of providers in config/app.php (We're not using Laravel's package auto-discovery at the moment because it creates problems with some of the package routes)
  4. In the project folder, run php artisan connexion:install follow the prompts to create your first admin user, and you're good to go!