Easy AdminLTE integration with Laravel

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This package provides an easy way to quickly set up AdminLTE v3 with Laravel 6 or higher. It has no requirements and dependencies besides Laravel, so you can start building your admin panel immediately. The package provides a Blade template that you can extend and advanced menu configuration possibilities. A replacement for the make:auth Artisan command that uses AdminLTE styled authentication views instead of the default Laravel ones is also included.

If you want to use an older Laravel or AdminLTE version, review the following package versions:

  • Version 1.x: These versions supports Laravel 5 and include AdminLTE v2
  • Version 2.x or branch laravel6-adminlte2: These versions supports Laravel 6 or higher and include AdminLTE v2


All documentation is available on the Wiki Pages, we encourage you to read it. If you are new start with the Installation Guide. To update the package consult the Updating Guide.


The current package requirements are:

  • Laravel >= 6.x
  • PHP >= 7.2

Issues, Questions and Pull Requests

You can report issues or ask questions in the issues section. Please, start your issue with ISSUE: and your question with QUESTION: in the subject.

If you have a question, it is recommended to search and check the closed issues first.

To submit a Pull Request, please fork this repository, create a new branch and commit your new/updated code in there. Then open a Pull Request from your new branch. Refer to this guide for more info. When submitting a Pull Request take the next notes into consideration:

  • Check that the Pull Request don't introduce a high downgrade on the code quality.
  • If the Pull Request introduce new features, consider adding an explanation of this feature on the Wiki documentation.