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What is laravel charts?

Charts is a Laravel library used to create Charts using Chartisan. Chartisan does already have a PHP adapter. However, this library attempts to provide more laravel-like features into it by providing support for chart creation using the artisan command, middleware support and routing support. This makes handling charts feel more laravel-like. At the end of the day, this library uses Chartisan and can use all of its potential. Expect to read the Chartisan docs since this library it's just a simple abstraction.


The documentation for the latest version of charts can be found here by pressing the image below.




Previous Version

Unfortunately laravel-charts v7 is incompatible with our previous version, v6, because it has involved a heavy rewrite. If you're still stuck on v6, you should use:

Please note that we consider v6 unmaintained and unsupported. So you should upgrade to v7 as soon as possible. We're currently working on an upgrade guide. If you can help, please reach out with an issue - we'll take all the help we can get.


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