The open source web based reporting and monitoring tool for Bacula

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Bacula-Web is a web based tool written in PHP that provide you a summarized view of your Bacula backup infrastructure. It obtain his information from the Bacula catalog database.

This is my little contribution to Bacula Community project.


Bacula-Web main features

  • easy to setup
  • Install once and monitor as much Bacula directors you need
  • Secure: Users authentication is enabled by default, so no Bacula's information disclosed :)
  • Dashboard: keep an eye on all Bacula resources like backup jobs result, pools, volumes, etc. in one shot
  • Translations: use Bacula-Web in your language (more than 15 languages available)
  • Jobs report: monitor backup jobs from a single page (filter and options available)
  • Job Files report: list files and folders of a backup job
  • Directors report: high-level report pages for all configured directors
  • Pools and volumes: keep an eye on all your Bacula pools and volumes


Visit Bacula-Web documentation for more informations about installation, configuration, upgrade, etc.


Bacula-Web can be installed using the provided compressed archive or using Composer, check Installation page for more details

You'll find latest stable release here


Submit a bug report or feature request using GitHub project issues



If you want to help translating Bacula-Web in your language, please check the Contribute to translation page


You can contribute by submitting a GitHub pull request, please have a look the contribution guide first.


Bacula-Web source code, web site and documentation are licensed under GNU GPLv2

For more details, see LICENSE