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Bacula-Web dashboard

Bacula-Web is an open source reporting and monitoring tool for Bacula.

It provides a lot of reports and informations about Bacula backup infrastructure.

All the metrics and information provided by Bacula-Web are taken from Bacula catalog database and only require read-only access to the Bacula director catalog database.

Main features

  • Main dashboard (gives you an overall status of your backups jobs, used volumes, weekly backup statistics, etc.)
  • Jobs report, Jobs logs, Pools and Volumes reports
  • Several Bacula directors statistics from a single web UI
  • Responsive design using Bootstrap
  • Bacula Directors report which gives you an overview of each Bacula director(s) statistics
  • Browse backup jobs files and folders
  • Users authentication
  • Translated in more than 15 languages with the help from community users ❤️ project on Transifex.

Please see the full the documentation for the full list of features.


You can find the complete documentation of Bacula-Web at

Huge thanks to Read The Docs for supporting open source projects documentation ❤️

Getting started

Bacula-Web can be installed using Composer, Docker or from source (require advanced skills)

Using Composer

  • Required PHP version is >= 8.0
  • Make sure PHP CLI installed and extensions SQlite3, Gettext, Session, PDO, MySQL, postgreSQL, Json and Posix are installed and enabled.
  • Install Composer
  • Install Bacula-Web from Packagist
    composer create-project --no-dev bacula-web/bacula-web bacula-web
  • Copy configuration file and adapt it to your setup
    cd bacula-web
    cp -pv application/config/config.php.sample application/config/config.php 
  • Make sure application/views/cache and application/assets/protected are writable by the web server process user (see section in documentation)
  • Setup either Apache, Nginx or Lighttpd (see Web server setup and configuration)
  • Create your first user
    $ sudo -u www-data php bwc setupauth
  • Test your setup
    $ sudo -u www-data php bwc check
    or use the test page https://bacula-web-url/test

Note related to installation using Composer archive

The main purpose of this pre-installed archive was to provide an easy way for users who weren't able to install Composer on their servers Composer archive installation option will not be supported anymore from next major version (v9.0.0)

Getting help

To report an issue or request a new feature, use GitHub project issues.

Please see the bugs and feature request guide before.

For questions or feedbacks, please use GitHub discussions or contact me at


Please see CONTRIBUTING and CODE_OF_CONDUCT for details.




The GPLv2. Please see license file for more information.


If you discover a security issue, see



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Support the project

Bacula-Web is an open source project and will always be free of charge.

It is maintained on my spare time, with the great help from the community users.

If you enjoy using Bacula-Web and would like to encourage the project efforts, please consider suporting the project by making a small donation using the buttons below.


Thanks for using and supporting Bacula-Web project ❤️