Font Awesome, the iconic SVG, font, and CSS framework.

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6.5.2 2024-04-08 15:15 UTC


Shim repository for Font Awesome.

The full suite of pictographic icons, examples, and documentation can be found at:

Package Managers

  • npm: components-font-awesome
  • Bower: components-font-awesome
  • Component: components/font-awesome
  • Composer: components/font-awesome



Re-compile bower

If using bower, do not forget to re-compile bower using gulp bower. Here is the sample code if you do not have one.

// Update Foundation with Bower and save to /vendor
gulp.task('bower', function() {
  return bower({ cmd: 'update'})
Combine css

With gulp, usually there is a function to combine all scss to css file for faster page loads. In the sample case we run function gulp style to combine all scss to css file under ./assets/css/

Move font font folder

Here is the important part, the default font folder is on different path with the compiled bower file. We need to move the font from default font folder to the compiled bower folder (In the example vendor is the compiled folder).

// Move font-awesome fonts folder to css compiled folder
gulp.task('icons', function() {
    return gulp.src('./vendor/components-font-awesome/webfonts/**.*')