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This Symfony Standard Edition is a basic installer and resource generator based on Sylius philosophy.

What's inside?

The standard edition is automatically configured for:

  • Generate resource, model, form, controller and CRUD with Sylius logic

  • Include default Core bundle and Backend bundle

  • Add fully decoupled components for any resources

The framework use by default the following bundles:

  • Sylius resource bundle

  • Sylius rbac bundle

  • Sylius storage

  • FOS user


before following the instructions it's better to create your database.

composer create-project avoo/framework-standard-edition my-project-folder

Run php app/console avoo:install and follow the instructions

Be careful, it's extremely recommend to install the default Core and Backend for using the generator.


Would you like to install default core bundle (Recommended)? [y/n] y 
Choose your application name: MyApp
Installing Core bundle.
Would you like to install default backend bundle (Recommended)? [y/n] y 
Choose your application name: MyApp
Installing Backend bundle.

Now Run php app/console avoo:configure for generate database + migration and create administrator user.

by default chose the role "administrator".

That's all ;)




This bundle is released under the MIT license. See the complete license in the bundle: