A library that helps you write web applications

0.7.17 2018-02-14 18:57 UTC

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Last update: 2022-11-26 17:26:08 UTC


This is a library that helps you write web applications in PHP. It's a fork of Labrys, which was written in Hack.

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You can install this library using Composer:

$ composer require appertly/minotaur
  • The master branch (version 0.x) of this project requires PHP 7.1 and has a few dependencies.


Releases of this library will conform to Semantic Versioning.

Our code is intended to comply with PSR-1, PSR-2, and PSR-4. If you find any issues related to standards compliance, please send a pull request!

The Big Idea

Really, Minotaur is the glue between several micro libraries.

In addition to several helper classes, the Big Deal here is a mechanism to declare modules.

The Minotaur\System class has three dependency containers: one for configuration properties, one for back-end objects and one for front-end objects. Modules can register objects in these containers.

More details coming soon! In the meantime, please browse the code.