Themes support for Annotate Framework

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Themes package for Annotate Framework

This package provides powerfull themes support. You can create theme and override every template in theme.


Themes extension requires annotate/templating. Register its extension to your neon config too.


Require this extension by Composer

$ composer require annotate/themes:~2.1.0

Register extension into configuration:

    templating: Annotate\Templating\DI\TemplatingExtension
    themes: Annotate\Themes\DI\ThemesExtension


Themes path is configurable via Neon. Default directory value is %appDir%/app/addons/themes/. To change themes open app/config/app.neon and add following configuration:

    directory: %appDir%/app/

Now edit any of your presenters:

class FrontendPresenter extends Nette\Application\UI\Presenter

	use Annotate\Themes\ThemedPresenter;

	/** @var Annotate\Themes\Loaders\ThemesLoader @inject */
	public $themesLoader;

	public function startup()
		$this->themesLoader->activateTheme('theme name');

Create theme

Create a file theme_name.theme.neon in themes directory with minimal structure:

name: My theme


Themes support one level inheritance you can specify parent theme by extends option in neon file:

name: My theme
extends: theme

Loading templates

After activating theme app will search for template files this way:

  1. search for %themeDir%/templates/%templateName
  2. in case theme extends another theme it seaches for %anotherThemeDir%/templates/%templateName%
  3. if no template was found above it searches for file in normal "Nette" way