Slim fullstack framework in my way!

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a Slim framework boilerplate in my Way



as a php developer I used to use many php frameworks such as laravel- yii - codeigniter and in the other hand I have used some php micro frameworks like SLIM , SILEX , FatfreeFramework ... but micro frameworks are tiny and fullstacks are huge , this skeleton is very slim with features of full stack frameworks .. this is my way to creating new framework ... I know it's not perfect .. but it's easy to use and full featured tool

How to install

Run this command from the directory in which you want to install

    composer create-project afshinpersian/afshlim_framework

create mysql database

copy .env_example file

    cp .env_example .env

run migration with this command

    php afsh migrate

it's done


CLI Tools

  • Currently there are some supported commands:
  • php afsh make:controller MyControllerClassName
  • php afsh make:middleware MyMiddlewareClassName
  • php afsh make:model MyModelClassName
  • php afsh make:migration MymigrationClassName
  • php afsh list // list of commnads
  • php afsh migrate // run migrations
  • php afsh migrate:rollback// rollback migrations
  • php afsh migration:status // checking status of migrations
  • php afsh routes:list // getting routes list in cli tool


  • registration
  • login 1 step
  • login 2 step
  • admin panel
  • sending email
  • image manupulation
  • ajax support