PHP SDK for Vipps

2.2.2 2022-06-16 16:18 UTC


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Vipps is a Norwegian payment service, used by more than 3 million people. Vipps was originally developed by DNB, but is now a separate company, which includes BankID and BankAxept. Vipps developer resources are available on GitHub:


Authorization is token-based and you can generate tokens yourself using Merchant Integration Environment. Please contact Vipps integration in order to access Vipps Developer Portal.

Quick start

Add Vipps SDK to your project using Composer.

$ composer require zaporylie/vipps:^2.0

Vipps SDK uses PSR-7 compliant http-message plugin system, hence before you require zaporylie/vipps you must add http client adapter of your choice, ex. php-http/guzzle6-adapter (read more).




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Default amount with the link above is 50 PLN but you can modify according to your will.

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