SQLite driver for Yii Database

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SQLite driver for Yii Database

SQLite driver for Yii Database is a package for working with SQLite databases in PHP.

The package provides a set of classes for interacting with SQLite databases in PHP. It includes a database connection class, a command builder class, and a set of classes for representing database tables and rows as PHP objects.

You can perform a variety of tasks with SQLite databases in PHP, such as connecting to a database, executing SQL queries, and working with database transactions. You can also use it to create and manipulate database tables and rows, and to perform advanced database operations such as joins and aggregates.

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The package could be installed via composer:

composer require yiisoft/db-sqlite


For config connection to SQLite database check Connecting SQLite.

Check the documentation docs to learn about usage.


Check the documentation to learn about testing.

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The Yii DataBase SQLite Extension is free software. It is released under the terms of the BSD License. Please see LICENSE for more information.

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