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Service that provides API to manipulate images.


  • Resize, crop, pad, rotate, show and save images
  • Create image reflection
  • Crop whitespace
  • Sharpen images


Following steps are necessary to get this module working, considering a zf2-skeleton or very similar application:

  1. Run: php composer.phar require webino/webino-image-thumb:dev-develop
  2. Add WebinoImageThumb to the enabled modules list


  • GD 2.0+


  • For example add following code into the controller action, assume example image:

    // We encourage to use Dependency Injection instead of Service Locator
    $thumbnailer = $this->getServiceLocator()->get('WebinoImageThumb');
    $imagePath   = 'public/images/example.jpg';
    $thumb       = $thumbnailer->create($imagePath, $options = [], $plugins = []);
    $thumb->resize(100, 100);
    // or/and

    NOTE: If you don't know how to inject the WebinoImageThumb into action controller, check out test/resources

  • Use reflection plugin:

    $reflection = $thumbnailer->createReflection(40, 40, 80, true, '#a4a4a4');
    $thumb      = $thumbnailer->create($imagePath, [], [$reflection]);
  • Use whitespace cropper plugin:

    $cropper = $thumbnailer->createWhitespaceCropper();
    $thumb   = $thumbnailer->create($imagePath, [], [$cropper]);
  • Use sharpen plugin:

    $sharpen = $thumbnailer->createSharpen();
    $thumb   = $thumbnailer->create($imagePath, [], [$sharpen]);


The options array allows you to customize the behavior of the library a bit. Some of these options are implementation-specific, and are noted as such. So, let's first go over what options are available to us:

Option Name Description Default Value Valid Values
resizeUp Whether or not to scale an image up to the desired dimensions false true / false
jpegQuality What quality to save jpeg files with (how much compression to use, 100 being none) 100 1-100
correctPermissions Whether or not the library should attempt to correct file permissions. This will only work if you set up your PHP to allow chmod operations false true / false
preserveAlpha Whether or not to preserve alpha transparency in PNG files true true / false
alphaMaskColor What rgb color should be used for the alpha mask [255, 255, 255] [0-255, 0-255, 0-255]
preserveTransparency Whether or not to preserve transparency in GIF files true true / false
transparencyMaskColor What rgb color should be used for the transparency mask [255, 255, 255] [0-255, 0-255, 0-255]
interlace When the interlace option equals true or false call imageinterlace null true / false


  • adaptiveResize($width, $height)
  • adaptiveResizePercent($width, $height, $percent = 50)
  • adaptiveResizeQuadrant($width, $height, $quadrant = 'T|B|C|L|R')
  • crop($startX, $startY, $cropWidth, $cropHeight)
  • cropFromCenter($cropWidth, $cropHeight = null)
  • pad($width, $height, $color = [255, 255, 255])
  • resize($maxWidth, $maxHeight)
  • resizePercent($percent)
  • rotateImage($direction = 'CW|CCW')
  • rotateImageNDegrees($degrees)
  • save($fileName, $format = 'GIF|JPG|PNG')
  • show($rawData = false)

Getters / Setters

  • getCurrentDimensions()
  • getFileName()
  • getFormat()
  • getIsRemoteImage()
  • getMaxHeight()
  • getMaxWidth()
  • getNewDimensions()
  • getOldImage()
  • getOptions()
  • getPercent()
  • getWorkingImage()
  • setCurrentDimensions($currentDimensions)
  • setFileName($fileName)
  • setFormat($format)
  • setMaxHeight($maxHeight)
  • setMaxWidth($maxWidth)
  • setNewDimensions($newDimensions)
  • setOldImage($oldImage)
  • setOptions($options)
  • setPercent($percent)
  • setWorkingImage($workingImage)

Reflection plugin

  • createReflection($percent, $reflection, $white, $border, $borderColor)

    • $percent - What percentage of the image to create the reflection from.
    • $reflection - What percentage of the image height should the reflection height be.
    • $white - How transparent (using white as the background) the reflection should be, as a percent.
    • $border - Whether a border should be drawn around the original image.
    • $borderColor - The hex value of the color you would like your border to be.

Whitespace Cropper plugin

  • createWhitespaceCropper($border, $color)

    • $margin - What pixels of a margin should be around the original image.
    • $color - The hex value of the color you would like to crop.



  • Requires PHPThumb 2.0 via composer
  • Added Whitespace Cropper plugin
  • Added Sharpen plugin
  • Removed ZF autoloader support


  • Initial release


Dependency Status

We will appreciate any contributions on development of this module.

Learn How to develop Webino modules


Most of the documentation is taken from the PHPThumb wiki.

Please, if you are interested in this Zend Framework module report any issues and don't hesitate to contribute.

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