Debugging module for Webino™

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Web debugger
for Zend Framework 2

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More than just user friendly error and exception handling.


  • User friendly errors and exceptions
  • Can write error log
  • Can notify by email
  • Discrete production server error page
  • Optional Tracy debugger bar
    • Config viewer
    • Event profiler


  • PHP 7.1
  • ZendFramework 2


Open terminal and go to your application directory

  1. Run php composer.phar require webino/webino-debug:dev-develop
  2. Add WebinoDebug to the enabled modules list as one of first modules

NOTE: Considering a zf2-skeleton or very similar application.


local error
public error


Please, if you are interested in this Zend Framework module report any issues and don't hesitate to contribute. We will appreciate any contributions on development of this module.

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