A skeleton to get started with Symfony and Bootstrap4

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A skeleton to get started with Symfony which has following features.


  • PHP 7.1.3+
  • npm


$ composer create-project ttskch/symfony-skeleton:@dev {project-name}


$ symfony server:start

If you don't have symfony command first install it.

Then browse http://localhost:8000

Form themes

Rearrange twig.form_themes array elements to specify the default theme.

# config/packages/twig.yaml
        - 'form_theme/bootstrap_4_layout.html.twig'
#        - 'form_theme/bootstrap_4_horizontal_layout.html.twig'   # to be the default theme

You can also set arbitrary form theme to a specific form like below.

{% form_theme form 'form_theme/your_own_form_theme.html.twig' %}
{{ form(form) }}

Default appearances

before sending with errors



You can create new classes with bin/console make: commands like below.

$ bin/console list make
Available commands for the "make" namespace:
  make:auth                   Creates a Guard authenticator of different flavors
  make:command                Creates a new console command class
  make:controller             Creates a new controller class
  make:crud                   Creates CRUD for Doctrine entity class
  make:entity                 Creates or updates a Doctrine entity class, and optionally an API Platform resource
  make:fixtures               Creates a new class to load Doctrine fixtures
  make:form                   Creates a new form class
  make:functional-test        Creates a new functional test class
  make:message                Creates a new message and handler
  make:messenger-middleware   Creates a new messenger middleware
  make:migration              Creates a new migration based on database changes
  make:registration-form      Creates a new registration form system
  make:reset-password         Create controller, entity, and repositories for use with symfonycasts/reset-password-bundle.
  make:serializer:encoder     Creates a new serializer encoder class
  make:serializer:normalizer  Creates a new serializer normalizer class
  make:subscriber             Creates a new event subscriber class
  make:twig-extension         Creates a new Twig extension class
  make:unit-test              Creates a new unit test class
  make:user                   Creates a new security user class
  make:validator              Creates a new validator and constraint class
  make:voter                  Creates a new security voter class


All assets in assets will be built with Webpack Encore into public/build.

$ npm run dev     # encore dev
$ npm run watch   # encore dev --watch
$ npm run build   # encore production

# or

$ yarn dev
$ yarn watch
$ yarn build