pagination service provider for the Silex microframework.

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This service provider allows you to use KnpPaginatorBundle in your Silex application.


  • 3.x: PHP 5.5.9+
  • 1.x: PHP 5.3+

Getting Started

For Silex 2.x

$ composer require ttskch/pagination-service-provider

For Silex 1.x

$ composer require ttskch/pagination-service-provider:~1.0

And enable this service provider in your application:

$app->register(new Ttskch\Silex\Provider\PaginationServiceProvider());

If you need, you can configure default query parameter names and templates as below (almost same as origin):

$app['knp_paginator.options'] = array(
    'default_options' => array(
        'sort_field_name' => 'sort',
        'sort_direction_name' => 'direction',
        'filter_field_name' => 'filterField',
        'filter_value_name' => 'filterValue',
        'page_name' => 'page',
        'distinct' => true,
    'template' => array(
        'pagination' => '@knp_paginator_bundle/sliding.html.twig',
        'filtration' => '@knp_paginator_bundle/filtration.html.twig',
        'sortable' => '@knp_paginator_bundle/sortable_link.html.twig',
    'page_range' => 5,

Then you can create pagination instance and render it in view:

// in your controller.

$pagination = $app['knp_paginator']->paginate($someData);

return $app['twig']->render('index.html.twig', array(
    'pagination' => $pagination,
{# in your twig template #}

{{ knp_pagination_render(pagination) }}


KnpPaginatorBundle can paginate many things. But in Silex application we may use for:

  • Array
  • Doctrine\DBALQueryBuilder

However KnpPaginatorBundle doesn't sort or filter these data automatically via request query parameter. If you want to sort or filter these data you should do by hand.

Sort or filter array

When you want to sort or filter simple two-dimensional array, you can use Cake\Utility\Hash (autoloaded) like as below:

// in your controller.

$array = /* some two dimensional array */;

$sort = $request->get('sort');
$direction = $request->get('direction', 'asc');
$filterField = $request->get('filterField');
$filterValue = $request->get('filterValue');

$array = Hash::extract($array, "{n}[{$filterField}=/{$filterValue}/]");
$array = Hash::sort($array, "{n}.{$sort}", $direction);

$pagination = $app['knp_paginator']->paginate($array); // You can get filtered and sorted pagination object.

See the official document for more information of usage of Hash class.

Sort or filter Doctrine\DBALQueryBuilder

When you use Doctrine\DBALQueryBuilder you can sort or filter by SQL clauses like as below:

// in your controller.

$sort = $request->get('sort');
$direction = $request->get('direction', 'asc') === 'asc' ? 'asc' : 'desc';
$filterField = $request->get('filterField');
$filterValue = $request->get('filterValue');

$qb = $app['db']->createQueryBuilder()
    ->from('table', 't')
    ->where("{$app['db']->quoteIdentifier($filterField)} like {$app['db']->quote('%' . $filterValue . '%')}")
    ->orderBy($app['db']->quoteIdentifier($sort), $direction)

$pagination = $app['knp_paginator']->paginate($qb);


You can see demo code here. You also can run demo easily on your local by following command.

$ git clone
$ cd PaginationServiceProvider
$ composer install
$ composer demo

Now you see demo on http://localhost:8888 like below.


Additional features

This service provider also provides bootstrap3-based beautiful pagination and filtration templates. You can use it as below:

$app['knp_paginator.options'] = array(
    'template' => array(
        'pagination' => '@ttskch_silex_pagination/pagination-bootstrap3.html.twig',
        'filtration' => '@ttskch_silex_pagination/filtration-bootstrap3.html.twig',

When you use the pagination-bootstrap3.html.twig template, you can configure the list of Items per page selector.

$app['knp_paginator.limits'] = array(10, 25, 50, 100, 200, 500),

You also can define translations for some labels in the messages domain.

$app[''] = array(
    'messages' => array(
        'ja' => array(
            'Previous' => '前へ',
            'Next' => '次へ',
$app[''] = array(
    'messages' => array(
        'ja' => array(
            'Items per page' => '1ページの件数',
            'Filter' => '絞り込み',


This service provider depends on TwigServiceProvider and TranslationServiceProvider. Please register them before register PaginationServiceProvider.