CakePHP Utility classes such as Inflector, String, Hash, and Security

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CakePHP Utility Classes

This library provides a range of utility classes that are used throughout the CakePHP framework

What's in the toolbox?


A Hash (as in PHP arrays) class, capable of extracting data using an intuitive DSL:

$things = [
    ['name' => 'Mark', 'age' => 15],
    ['name' => 'Susan', 'age' => 30],
    ['name' => 'Lucy', 'age' => 25]

$bigPeople = Hash::extract($things, '{n}[age>21].name');

// $bigPeople will contain ['Susan', 'Lucy']

Check the official Hash class documentation


The Inflector class takes a string and can manipulate it to handle word variations such as pluralizations or camelizing.

echo Inflector::pluralize('Apple'); // echoes Apples

echo Inflector::singularize('People'); // echoes Person

Check the official Inflector class documentation


The Text class includes convenience methods for creating and manipulating strings.

    'My name is :name and I am :age years old.',
    ['name' => 'Bob', 'age' => '65']
// Returns: "My name is Bob and I am 65 years old."

$text = 'This is the song that never ends.';
$result = Text::wrap($text, 22);

// Returns
This is the song
that never ends.

Check the official Text class documentation


The security library handles basic security measures such as providing methods for hashing and encrypting data.

$key = 'wt1U5MACWJFTXGenFoZoiLwQGrLgdbHA';
$result = Security::encrypt($value, $key);

Security::decrypt($result, $key);

Check the official Security class documentation


The Xml class allows you to easily transform arrays into SimpleXMLElement or DOMDocument objects and back into arrays again

$data = [
    'post' => [
        'id' => 1,
        'title' => 'Best post',
        'body' => ' ... '
$xml = Xml::build($data);

Check the official Xml class documentation