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Json API bundle for Symfony

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v0.18.0 2020-12-09 23:05 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2021-06-10 04:40:11 UTC


Package to provide out-of-the box support for jsonapi in symfony with as native as possible way.

Under development

This package is currently under active development, but it is considered production safe.

How to install

Guide how to setup bundle is located in quick start guide

Sample usage

For quick start see quick start guide You can also look at demo code located in test suite

Advanced usage

For advanced usages that are outside of generic api you get from quick start, see advanced usage


Bundle is uses symfony 3 and doctrine.

Documentation and examples

Example code can also be found in tests/Resources/.

Documentations is located inside src/Resources/doc/ directory.


Use the issue tracker.

Known limitations

  • each jsonapi enabled action that receives arguments must receive Request as first argument

Versioning and changelog

Project follows Semantic versioning.

Change log for the project can be found in


The whole sandbox and development environment is located inside project.

To run tests, position yourself inside tests/Resources/docker and run bin/ This will build whole docker setup, load fixtures and run all test suites.


TODO write how people can send pull requests

For development of the package, we are using the same tools as for testing. Position yourself inside tests/Resources/docker and run bin/ PHP cli commands can be run from same directory using bin/console. There is also php access script bin/php [CMD] (eg. bin/php bash to enter bash).

Coding standards

When contributing to this package, you will need to adhere to our coding standards. They are following PSR-2 with some additional rules. To check your code during development you can use provided config for php-cs-fixer. it's in root of the project, file:


Checking your code

First you need to setup test environment (as described in paragraph above).


Checking code:

bin/php_cs --dry-run

If you want automatic fix, just omit ``--dry-run`:


This will check and fix your code.


Copyright (C) 2017 Trikoder

Author: Alen Pokos.

Contributors (in alphabetic order): Antonio Pauletich, Alen Pokos, Antonio Šunjić, Damir Trputec, Juraj Juričić, Krešo Kunjas, Petar Obradović, Vedran Krizek, Vedran Mihočinec


Package is licensed under MIT License