Project for thunder development.

1.0.3 2019-09-10 07:08 UTC


To install the Thunder Distribution for development create the thunder-develop project:

composer create-project thunder/thunder-develop -s dev
cd thunder-develop

This will install thunder into the docroot folder. The actual distribution repository will be cloned into docroot/profiles/contrib/thunder.

If the docroot folder does not contain the index.php execute the drupal-scaffold composer command

composer drupal-scaffold

Now you can install thunder. Point the web server to the docroot directory and do a normal site install.

To work on the distribution, work inside the docroot/profiles/contrib/thunder folder.

cd docroot/profiles/contrib/thunder
git checkout -b feature/new-thunder-feature # <-- this will be a branch in the distribution not the project
<make changes>
git commit .

Install development environment

Install lando and its requirements: then call:

lando start

This will install appropriate docker containers. Now you can access your installation at To use composer within the container call:

lando composer 

To use drush call:

lando drush 

You can use drush to install thunder:

lando drush si thunder --db-url=mysql://drupal8:drupal8@database/drupal8 

By default, xdebug is disabled, you can change that in tha .lando.yml file by setting "xdebug: false". The .lando.yml file can be used to customize your environment, see: